III Moscow International Festival of Chamber Music
3-10 April 2014

Third International Chamber Music Festival “Window to Switzerland”
Between 3 and 10 April 2014, the Third International Chamber Music Festival “WindowtoSwitzerland” will take place in Moscow. Its permanent organizer is Valery Proshutinsky, a well-known musician and leader of the ensemble TELEMANNCONSORT. Over the last two decades he has regularly invited well-known Swiss musicians and ensembles to take part in his projects, both in Russia and abroad.
The Second “WindowtoSwitzerland” festival, which took place in April 2013, enjoyed great success with Russian listeners and received broad coverage in mass media. It showed the significance of this event in popularizing the musical heritage of Switzerland and furthering the dialogue between musicians and composers of both countries. The festival concerts took place in the finest chamber venues of the capital and other cities in Russia: Armory and Patriarch’s Court of the Moscow Kremlin Museum, Pushkin Museum of Decorative Arts, Historical Museum, and so on. Outstanding Swiss and Russian musicians participated. Many pieces by Swiss composers were heard for the first time in Russia.
In 2014, Russia and Switzerland are marking the 200th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with each other. During the whole year, events will be held in the areas of politics, economics, science, and of course, culture. The “WindowtoSwitzerland” Festival should become an important part of the “Swiss Culture Seasons in Russia” dedicated to that anniversary; the holding of these events is envisaged by the Joint Declaration of the Ministers of Culture of both countries, signed in April 2013.
The Swiss Embassy in Moscow expresses in advance its appreciation for any support given to the “WindowtoSwitzerland” Festival, and assigns special significance to the fact that it is being held in the 2014 anniversary year.
Artistic Director and producer of the Festival – Valery Proshutinsky

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